Paris `97

We will add more text as we have time...

The TGV under the English Channel

A un-retouched picture out
of the window while
going 300KM/Hr (186MPH).
(well maybe we did select
a close view to cause
the illusion of speed)
But, we really were traveling
at 186MPH for most
of the time we were going
from the coast to Paris!

Everyone asks if you can see
anything while under the
channel... well, it is pitch
black punctuated with an
occaisional light!

Our train....

Notre Dame

Notice the very top of the
left steeple... this is where
we climbed to the very top,
(483 steps!! up a very
narrow spiral stone staircase)

One of the main stained
glass window inside.

The "view from the top" looking
down. The
people look like ants!!

We just happened to be there at the finish!

Crowded street of spectators!


The French news network was there, of course.

The girls of Bath and Paris

Wait until we get to tell you this story!

Hard Rock Cafe - Paris

The Musee Louvre....again.
These priceless treasures are soooo boring!

Interesting note...
While standing 2 feet in front
of the Mona Lisa, most people
were watching me take pictures
with my digital camera instead
of staring at this lady...I guess
that technology also has
an appeal.
Go figure!

The Musee Orangery

The Musee D'Orsay