Aberdeen and the Sperry-Sun office
What a beautiful city! Everything is clean, and everyone speaks english!! After going to the office, we strolled downtown and enjoyed the architecture and friendly people.

Here we are...


We always try to find a market so we can eat...cheap!

Sperry spares no expense on the places we stay!?

Everywhere we went, the sights were incredible...

This is a statue of William Wallace, the 'Guardian of Scotland'. He is the hero of the movie "Braveheart".

At the Office...

Shaun, Tony Parker, Paul of Abel Communications and Ben

Some of the North Sea units.

Pitch'n sperryWEB.

R&M shop.

On Saturday we took a train to Inverness, to take pictures of 'Nessie'.

Our tour boat, the 'Jacobite Queen'.

One of many castles!

A view from of the River Ness in Inverness.

The Aberdeen train station. Ready to leave...
Movin' on to Cheltenham. A 9 hour train ride from the top of Scotland to the lower part of England!