Amsterdam and the European Communications Users Group
We finally arrived on Sunday and went straight away to the Holiday Inn Crown Central. We were at first shocked by the condition of the streets and the mis-keeped look of the people walking the streets.... I remarked to Cynthia that it looked as if all of the parents had been killed off and this is what a city full of parentless teenagers would look like!
Thankfully, by strolling a few streets over, the people that had to work for a living were the majority. As it turned out, we were experiencing the crowd that came in from other countries for the weekend.
All in all, the people are very nice and they do speak english very well.
We meet up with John Schiebelhut and Henry Paulsen at the cafe in the hotel. Henry is the VP of IT for Dresser Industries and John works for him. (look for their pictures below)
In Paris, the pedestrian had to be carefull that one did not get run over by a car, in Amsterdam, you have to watchout for bicycles!! They are everywhere!!

Henry Paulsen

John Scheibelhut

Shuan Curtis also attended.

These people love their cats!

Central Station.

This is the place to purchase Royal Delft.

Ann Frank's house... for real. Quite a sobering site. This is where she and her family hide.

One of many canals.

More canals.

Civizilation again!!

Guess what...

Off to Aberdeen.