Cheltenham and the Sperry-Sun office

We arrived from Aberdeen by train... it was a very enjoyable trip.

Off to Cheltenham.

Still on schedule.

Sperry has done it again!
This is the Queen's Hotel in Cheltenham... very nice.

The Buttercup Flower Shop.

Grand Opening of Cheltenham's first Internet Cafe. Have a sandwich while you 'surf'.

British phone boxes.

Cheltenham's Sperry-Sun Office

Shaun's new office building.

Shaun and Mark, aka 'Woody'


Ajax, thinking about going to Houston...Again.

Calibration lab.


Clean room assembly.

Temperature cycling ovens.


We had a fire in one of the labs while here...

The burnt 'bits'.

One of the GMS buildings.

Snack Attack lunch wagon.

Away From the Office

Shaun's and Liz's kiddos.

and Jake the dog.

Relaxing after a hard day at work.