- London - Cheltenham and Bath - Stonehenge - Paris -
July 11th - July 28th 1997

- Barcelona - London - Cheltenham -
Jan 17th - Feb 2nd 1997

- Vegas -
November '96 at Comdex

- Paris - Amsterdam - Aberdeen - Cheltenham -
June 3rd - 24th 1996

This site will contain a travel log of the Wolfe's. While on official business trips, we take this opportunity to spend vacation time on our own nickle, and, of course, we pay Cynthia's way and meals for the total trip.

We intend to create a page per day including pictures of the places we have been. Follow the flashing 'hot link' to track us.

The technology behind this:

  • Take pictures using a Casio QV-30 digital camera.
  • Download these images into a Toshiba 610 and use Photoshop to edit the images and convert them into jpeg format for Web display.
  • Make a local call in Paris, Amsterdam, Aberdeen, London , Vegas, Barcelona, etc. to log into the Internet through the local Compuserve phone numbers.
  • We will use these access points to author the site on Sperry-Sun's NT Web server in Houston, upload the images to the Web server and send/receive cc:Mail.

Stay tuned and keep me posted via eMail if you would like other information as we travel.

Thanks for watch'n,

Ben / Cynthia
( /

Yea, I know... but someone has to do it!